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Important Birthdays of Everyone

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Important Birthdays Celebrated in America
Five Important Birthdays in America

    Age 5: Children attend kindergarten at about this age. Although many kids attend preschool the year before, kindergarten is often considered a child’s first year of school.
    Age 13: American children look forward to this birthday, when they can call themselves a teenager. They are usually in the seventh grade when they celebrate this birthday.
    Age 16: Although not all of them receive a car on their 16th birthday, many teens do learn to drive at this age in high school! Each US state has its own rules about when a resident can earn a driver’s license, so drivers in some states are even younger.
    Age 18: The 18th birthday is arguably the most important in American society. You are officially an adult at this age in the US—even if you don’t act like one! With that label comes more responsibilities, such as being allowed to vote in local, state and national elections. Most students also graduate from high school at this age and follow-up their studies with either college or a full-time job.
    Age 21: The 18th birthday might be the most important, but the 21st birthday may be the most widely celebrated! Americans can legally drink at this age, and 21st birthday parties are commonly held in bars.
All of the “0” ages… 30, 40, 50, etc.

40 is somewhat more important because it’s considered when you’re middle aged.

And I’d say once someone reaches 85 or 90, every birthday is important.

Feel free to comment below and let us know which birthdays are important in your culture!

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In France, I’d say these are special birthdays :

1 – because it’s the first
18 – because it’s when you’re officially an adult (it’s when you can legally drink alcohol and drive a car -more important)
20 – because you’re now the youngest “0”-aged adult you’ll ever be. There’s an old song from 1934 that goes:

“On n’a pas tous les jours vingt ans
Ça nous arrive une fois seulement
C’est le jour le plus beau d’ la vie…”

Literal translation:
“We aren’t 20 years old every day
It only happens once to us
It’s the most beautiful day of life…”

All the “0” ages… 50 being the most important, maybe because it’s half of 100 and it’s considered you enter “l’âge mûr” = maturity.

I’d say 65 is important since it is the normal retirement age. By the way, the retirement age of 65 is totally arbitrary.

Checking in from Japan where the 20th birthday is a big deal. 20 is the official beginning of adulthood and its’ attendant benefits…drinking, smoking, and voting.

The second Monday in January is a National holiday called Coming of Age Day (Seijin no Hi). On that day, municipal governments around Japan hold ceremonies for residents turning 20 that year. Men wear suits and women wear a particularly formal type of kimono. In recent years the media has had a field day reporting on disturbances during and after these ceremonies caused by drunken, beligerent coming-of-agers, but for the most part, they are respectful affairs.

I found out why 60 is an important birthday in the Chinese culture. It’s because it represents a full cycle of the Chinese calendar, which takes 60 years to complete.

Many people in the U.S. have special parties for their daughter’s 16th birthday, called Sweet Sixteen.

answered Mar 17 by nuka (720 points)
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