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Teespring and Amazon

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Big news! Starting Monday, March 20th we'll begin the process of auto listing all of your eligible products on Amazon. 
Eligible listings must match all of the following qualifications and will be added to Amazon over the course of 3 weeks: 
  • Upper body apparel
  • Eligible for rush shipping
  • Printed in the US, on a campaign set to auto-relaunch
  • Margin larger than $6.75
If you don't want us to auto list all of your products to Amazon, please click the "Thumbs Down" at the bottom of this notification. (Even if you don't want us to auto-list, you'll still have the ability to add individually via the campaign dashboard tool like pictured below next week).
Cheers to this new opportunity, and look out for more updates on how to optimize your listings soon!
asked Mar 18 in Useful Tips by nuka (720 points)

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